Our online web design portfolio showcases a small selection of both our custom sites and sites that used a template as a starting point.

The sites below have been developed with a Custom look & feel to reflect the client's preferences.

  • AZ Hot Air Balloons
  • [overview]
  • CBM of America
  • [overview]
  • iTi Tropicals
  • [overview]
  • Med Storage
  • [overview]
  • Cameo Cleaners
  • [overview]


    The grapic layouts of these sites were developed using the Website Wizard Template as the starting point.

  • Harry Mathews
  • [overview]
  • NDStars Horoscopes
  • [overview]
  • Jamie Pavlis Realty
  • [overview]

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    This section is our custom web design portfolio samples. These sites were completely developed from scratch based on the client's direction.

      Arizona Hot Air Balloons is the premier Arizona balloon ride service, serving the Phoenix Metropolitan Area including Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Anthem, Cave Creek, Carefree, Apache Junction areas. Also, Sedona and the high country in the northern part of the state.

      This natural "outdoorsy" custom site was developed to give the viewer both the feeling of being outdoors and the exhilaration gently soaring above the Sonoran Desert.

      The site is centered and floats on a pleasing cloud background (not shown) and uses custom graphics for the header, footer, and Logo.



      CBM of America is a medium to large corporation with facilities in Florida, Georgia, and New Jersey. They support networking and network design hardware for the Telecomunications Industry both nationally and internationally.

      We also support a geographically separate mirror of their site (www.cbmusa.org) with the same web design for backup and disaster purposes to insure 24x7 availability. Learn more about our Web Business Continuity services here.



      iTi Tropicals is a nationally known Tropical Fruit Product importer/distributor. Their fruit products are included in thousands of products on your local supermarket shelves and freezers.

      This site is the lead site for a family of 12 (at last count) Foxstone developed websites dedicated to specific fruit products. Like the previous site, it uses a custom web design presentation. If you visit with iTiTropicals, be sure to use the QuickMenu navigate feature to visit with their other sites.



      This portfolio entry, Med Storage, is one of Arizona's leading supplier and distributor of Medical Storage equipment and supplies.

      The front end shopping/quoting cart is extremely user friendly. The back end supplies a full range of product management tools and order management facilities.

      Note: Foxstone's Shopping Cart can be easily configured to work with the Merchant Account of your choice.



      This custom web design for Cameo Cleaners also has numerous Flash graphics.

      Each page uses a unique Flash Introduction for the Title. Corporate taglines and specials are also displayed in eye catching graphics with Flash.

      The customer has a back end that allows them to change the job openings and free ticket giveaways.



    This section of our web design portfolio contains several sites that were developed based on a template found using our Web Design Wizard.

      Harry Mathews, a popular entertainer here in the Valley of the Sun, chose Template #63 [view] as the basis for his site.

      Harry updates his own perfomance schedule on a routine basis. The site also has audio and video demo clips of himself.




      In The Stars, a SALES Site, is a unique site that gives historical and reference information about Horoscopes as well as offering custom horoscopes for purchase.

      This portfolio entry actually began its inception with Template #312 [view] as the seed of its layout.

      This web design is an example of how the templates can assist with a startup look and feel for your site, and have it evolve into something quite more mature.



      Jamie Pavlis Realty, a New Jersey based realtor, was built using Template #122 [view].

      Taking advantage of Foxstone's Realty Site configuration, the client posts and deletes properties in real time.

      Note that this client chose to orgainize by price and property type. Realty Sites can be configured for many type of search criteria including:

      • Geographical
      • Living units
      • Bedrooms
      • and many more...

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