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The following provides a web design services overview of Foxtone's capabilities. While all clients may not require services from all of our offerings, you can be assured that whatever you require, we can provide.

Web Hosting

Our primary web service is hosting web sites for our clients.

Our offerings range from entry level web sites for individuals or small businesses, to store fronts with shopping carts, to realty sites with lots of graphics and search tools, or large business presences with hundreds of employees. To find out which web hosting package is best for you, click the Learn More button.

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Site Development

Whether you host your web site with Foxstone or your existing provider, we can assist you in the Site Development Tasks.

These tasks include:

  • Preparation and Planning Services
  • Web Site Graphic Design (Template or Custom Motif)
  • Logo design and Picture Preparation
  • Formatting of content (Graphics design, text content, text fonts)
  • Establishing Response Forms
  • And much more...
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A small list of web site features you can add-on to your hosting include:

  • Addl Storage, bandwidth,  Email accounts
  • SSL - Secure Sockets Layer Security
  • Live parallel disaster recovery site
  • Domain name registration and management
  • And much more...
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Contract Services

You may choose to have Foxstone supply web programming, graphics design or on-site (Arizona only) project managment services in servers hosted at your company or other providers.

These services are available at our normal development rate of $60/hour. This may be adjusted either upward or downward based on the requirements, scope, and duration of your project.

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