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The following are a selection web hosting addons that you want to add to your site, if not initially, then later as your web site matures and requires additional functionality.

  • Domain name registrations
    Register new domain(s) for your site, renewals, and transfer of domains, only $20/year

  • Additional storage
    100MB of additional Web/E-Mail/Database storeage - $15/month

  • Additional e-mail addresses
    25 Additional E-mail accounts e/w 100MB Storage 29.95/month

  • Multiple Domains
    Additional Domain Names pointing to your site.

    One Time Setup $15/site
  • SSL Secure Pages
    2 year Rapid SSL Cert $129

  • Additional bandwidth (transfer)
    $6/Gigabyte for each Gig over standard

  • Mirror Backup Site
    All Services duplicated on geographically separate server - Same cost as main site.

    Content Syncronization - Included

  • Custom Programming and Graphics
    Custom Services are provided at $60/hr.

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